Burundi Kayanza Triple Washed - Daniel Lee Fundraiser

Burundi Kayanza Triple Washed - Daniel Lee Fundraiser

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----$20 of each bag sold will be donated Daniel Lee's medical costs ----

Daniel Lee is a barista that has been a very good friend to everyone at Flux.  He has been diagnosed with metastatic colorectal cancer and he is going through some very difficult chemo at the moment. Not only is he a close friend and mentor to most of the Flux staff, but the whole New York coffee community. We want to help Dan and his family as much as we can through this extremely difficult time. He have also set up a GoFundMe for him and his family.

Together we can make a difference. 


Tamarind overtones, grape undertones, with a syrupy limeade lingering aftertaste. A very clean and complex cup. 

Grower : 400 producers organized around the Incuti producer group

Region : Kayanza Province, Burundi

Altitude : 1900 masl

Varieties Bourbon : Bourbon, Typica

Process : Triple Washed (Fully washed after pulping and fermenting, then soaked in clean water before drying on raised beds.)