211 Main St. Farmingdale NY 11735

About Us

We are Flux Coffee. Established in 2010 in Berkeley, California, we have set out to make high quality coffee apart of our community. Flux started as a strictly cold brew coffee company. Creating a new way to make cold brew, and distributing it in bottles and kegs to the area. 

After moving to the east to New York, Flux made the conscience decision to open a cafe/roastery in Farmingdale. Getting ethically sourced coffee from our partners, roasting it fresh, and brewing everything fresh per cup. We believe strongly in being a part of our local community, and we wouldn't exist without our amazing community. 

Since day one we have been very serious about education. From beans to brew method, we want our community to know why and how things are done. We do things different, but we do them to for a reason. That reason is because we want our community to have the best drinks possible with the best experience.