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We are excited to share both Arslan's and Marc's Competition Coffee's with you.

Arsalan's Coffee:                                                                                                                        Colombia Bourbon Sidra: This coffee is interesting, fruity, and complex with notes of watermelon, hard candy, florals due to its unique processing. It's a Mosto Anaerobic process which means juices from a previous fermentation were added to kick start the fermentation process.

Marc's Coffee:                                                                                                                             Colombia Yellow Bourbon Purple Honey Process: This coffee is very unique and packed with floral notes, hard candy sweetness, and stone fruit acidity. This is due to the Carbonic Maceration and Anaerobic Fermentation processing. 


                                        Arsalan                                                Marc  

Varietal:                         Bourbon Sidra                                  Yellow Bourbon

Process:                        Mosto Anaerobic                      Purple Honey Carbonic Maceration

Elevation:                       1600-1800m                                      1750-1900m

Producer:                        Wilder Lasso                                     Edwin Norena

Farm:                                El Rubi                                           Campo Hermoso

Region:                               Hulia                                                     Hulia