Reusable 35mm Film Camera with 2 Rolls of Film HARMAN technology

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Key Features
  • 2 x 35mm Rolls Kentmere Pan 400 B&W Film
  • Reusable Design
  • Fixed-Focus Wide-Angle Lens
  • Built-In Flash
  • Accepts 1 x AAA Battery
  • Optical Viewfinder
  • Plastic Construction

Film photography in its most simple form, this Reusable 35mm Film Camera from HARMAN technology is a basic and accessible film camera for general use. Resembling a disposable camera, this plastic camera has the added benefits of a reusable design, including a film rewinding mechanism and latched door, and the built-in flash is powered by a replaceable, included AAA battery. The camera also incorporates a fixed-focus wide-angle lens, fixed shutter speed, and a clear window viewfinder for lining up your shots. Additionally, included with the camera are two rolls of Kentmere Pan 400 black and white negative film to get you started shooting.