Timemore Smart Kettle - Matte Black 600ML

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Not just any pour over kettle. Level up your brewing experience with Timemore Electric Kettles. Featuring precision pours, touchboard technology, ergonomic build. More time for coffee, more time for what you love.



  • Gooseneck - Unique gooseneck curves synergize with internal flow restrictor to create consistent pour of water. Specific positioning of the gooseneck allows gentle tilt for pouring and prevents over-tilt strain or spills.
  • Spout Curvature - Intentional angle of the spout’s opening and cut curve ensures precise pours every time
  • Ergonomic Handle - Cool to the touch and easy to handle, regardless of kettle volume. Whether you hold the handle at the elbow or lower on the brushed copper end, pouring is effortless and even. 
  • Anti-Scald Lid - Safe to touch and snap fitted with a hardy silicone collar.
  • Touchboard Tech - Say goodbye to screens and unnecessary buttons with this minimalist lit dashboard. Set your target temperature with an easy swipe of the finger. Switch between Fahrenheit (0F) and Celsius (0C), set the kettle to hold at any temperature, and start and stop heating all included on the dashboard.
  • MIN + MAX Fill Lines - Clearly marked for your reference inside the kettle. Dry-boil protection automatically turns off the kettle when water level is low.
  • Flow Restrictor - Functions seamlessly with the Gooseneck position and curvature to channel water into consistent and precise pours.